Campaign Brief (Asia) : Rajiv R. Menon Joins TTM As Chief Creative Advisor

As the article is long, I have split it in two parts.

Part 1 :

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Part 2 (continuation) :

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Agency : The Thinking Machine, Jakarta

Campaign (Asia-Pacific) : The Thinking Machine appoints CCO

Screen Shot 2014-11-30 at 12.19.11 am

Agency : The Thinking Machine, Jakarta

Campaign Brief (Asia) : TTM Opens Doors In Jakarta

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Agency : The Thinking Machine, Jakarta

Mumbrella (Asia) : Indonesia’s Newest Ad Agency Appoints Rajiv R. Menon As CCO

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Agency : The Thinking Machine, Jakarta

Adobe : When Hiring Went Out-Of-The-Box

When Adobe approached me to create a recruitment ad for a newspaper, what they didn’t anticipate was a high impact and most relevant installation idea that would create tremendous word-of-mouth and get viral.

When a company like Adobe owns beautiful iconic properties like Flash, Illustrator, DreamWeaver etc. that the world swears by, let them talk for themselves. The fact that these icons are brightly coloured boxes, would make this ambient idea fabulous to the eye and unmissable.

TALENT CANNOT BE BOXED IN. At Adobe, you have the freedom to create. Keeping this idea as a public installation helped add that secondary level dimension.

The newspaper went out of the window and hiring truly went out-of-the-box with these 3D LOGO BOXES FOR HIRE installations at central business districts and office complexes.

Client : Adobe
Agency : 141 Sercon

NetApp : Same Hiring Story, Fresh Carrot

Most recruitment ads of IT companies follow the tried and tested formula of dangling the ‘innovation’ carrot to the prospect. NetApp also had the same formula so how do you ensure the communication get eyeballs and on a billboard that has limited viewing time?

Add an idea that gives a new spin to story and the billboard seems to stake a fresh claim.

NetApp hoarding 1

Client : NetApp
Agency : 141 Sercon