Tata Motors (Indonesia) : Tata Vista – Play Strong 30″ TVC

To launch Tata Motors in Indonesia, the 39th player in a highly competitive automobile market, it was imperative to find a product differentiator that would resonate with the locals. In a market dominated by Japanese cars that are known to be lightweight and therefore perceived to be ‘less secure’, the ‘strong and sturdy’ attributes of Tata vehicles would help gain good groundspeed.

The big idea : PLAY STRONG.

What is Play Strong?

1. Play Strong is a belief. It is a testament of Tata Motors as a strong company that builds strong cars and creates strong relationships. In today’s competitive world, it is a fact of life that is reflected as an affirmation of purpose from the company.

2. Play strong is an attitude. It has a high desirability quotient from a customer’s point of view. It brings competitiveness to the forefront and challenges life as champions do.

3. Play Strong is centered on the emotional but built on the rational. It answers why Tata Motors builds strong cars and tests them in adverse conditions. Because the lives of people in our cars, matters above all to us.

4. Play Strong is a valuable property. It has the potential to make Tata Motors richer in the consumer mind space, as these two words evocatively substantiate why the company is in the business of making strong cars.

Launch film of Tata Vista ‘Playing Strong’ :

Screen Shot 2014-10-14 at 4.36.35 PM

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Client : PT Tata Motors Indonesia
Agency : The Thinking Machine, Jakarta

Hitachi HD LCD TV : Launch In An Art Gallery

A unique way to introduce Hitachi’s first HD LCD TV to a discerning by-invitation group. At an Art Gallery!

Activation idea : HIGH DEFINITION ART. A TV that looked so good (and with sharp pictures) should be seen as a work of art so why not display paintings on a TV?

Launch : When technology transformed to art! The wall mounted HD TV transforms into a framed painting. The price too matched that of a painting!

Artists : Well-known painters Manav Gupta and Niren Sengupta were specially commissioned to create artworks that would be showcased on the TV.

Buyers could opt for a specially designed picture frame for their HD TVs.

Hitachi actboard

Film reminder : The demo experience was filmed and then sent to the invitees.

Screen Shot 2014-10-22 at 1.01.22 PM

Client : Hitachi
Agency : 141 Sercon