WNS : Unique Self-promotion

WNS, a comprehensive backend support service provider to organizations, wanted to promote its range of business process outsourcing services amongst premier insurance organisations in the US and UK. It wanted to highlight its deep domain expertise.


A lamp was sent to prospective customers along with a brochure and other documents detailing the services provided. As WNS provides backend support to its customers, it’s reassuring presence can seldom be seen, but sure makes an impact. Much like what the lamp reveals when switched on wherein the supporting columns of the bridge are now seen!

The lamp employs a pretty simple, yet ingenious technique. The image (bridge and its supports) is printed in two parts.

1. The impossibly long bridge suspended in mid air – This part of the image is printed on the outside.
2. The supporting pillars – These are printed on the inside.

When the lamp is not lit, only the outer image (bridge) is seen.


It’s only when you switch on the lamp that the inner image (supports) become visible, giving a visual demonstration of the role played by WNS.


Client : WNS
Agency : 141 Sercon