WNS : Unique Self-promotion

WNS, a comprehensive backend support service provider to organizations, wanted to promote its range of business process outsourcing services amongst premier insurance organisations in the US and UK. It wanted to highlight its deep domain expertise.


A lamp was sent to prospective customers along with a brochure and other documents detailing the services provided. As WNS provides backend support to its customers, it’s reassuring presence can seldom be seen, but sure makes an impact. Much like what the lamp reveals when switched on wherein the supporting columns of the bridge are now seen!

The lamp employs a pretty simple, yet ingenious technique. The image (bridge and its supports) is printed in two parts.

1. The impossibly long bridge suspended in mid air – This part of the image is printed on the outside.
2. The supporting pillars – These are printed on the inside.

When the lamp is not lit, only the outer image (bridge) is seen.


It’s only when you switch on the lamp that the inner image (supports) become visible, giving a visual demonstration of the role played by WNS.


Client : WNS
Agency : 141 Sercon

Domex : My Clean World

Can a floor cleaner do more than just clean floors? Why not inculcate cleanliness as a way of life in young minds who are in the process of habit formations?

Almost 2 decades ago, Hindustan Unilever discovered to their amazement that MY CLEAN WORLD an innovative idea for a school contact programme would have lasting impact for their floor cleaning brand, Domex than any other conventional communication.

A set of My Picture Story Book and My Clean World chart were distributed to Class 2 children. The storybook stayed in class while the chart would be at home. This set would be different for Class 3 and another set for Class 4.

Weekly fun lessons – illustrated stories on various aspects of cleanliness – had to be completed by the child and supervised by the teacher. A month later on completion of a story, the child would detach the ‘moral of the story’ jigsaw piece and take it home to affix it onto his My Clean World chart. This chart-cum-calendar got completed at the end of 6 stories, much to the delight and pride of the parents and teachers who found their kids getting possessive of their clean world.

The brand’s constant presence at home and with parents watching their child’s involvement with its key benefit of cleanliness, brand goodwill felt so squeaky good!

My Picture Story Book used at school: (regret image quality of this earlier work)


The completed My Clean World chart at home: (regret image quality of this earlier work)


Client : Hindustan Unilever
Agency : Corvo Draft Worldwide