PZ Cussons (Indonesia/UK) : Steamy X’mas Greetings

Christmas & New Year card design for PZ Cussons, a 135-year old British personal healthcare company. The company’s Asian headquarters is in Indonesia.


PZ Cussons-Christmas Card2-Steamy Window 14x20cm closed size-1

Client : PZ Cussons (Indonesia/UK)
Agency : The Thinking Machine, Jakarta

Britannia Anlene : Butterfly

For a product poster, a concept STRONG BONES SUPPORT LIFE, found a simple idea synonymous with the most active life form in the universe.

Guess what a strong pelvic bone can do?

butterfly poster

Client : Britannia Anlene
Agency : 141 Worldwide

Hippos : Creating An Award For Medical Excellence

(This is an idea that didn’t see the light of day, but I like it. So plucked it right out of my Mac and pasted the design layouts here.)

As India’s #1 magazine for the healthcare industry, Modern Medicare wanted to create Medical Excellence Awards to honour the best practitioners in the medical fraternity.

1. First the naming of the awards: HIPPOS. A trendy downsizing of the father of medicine Hippocrates’ name in keeping with the times.

2. Designed the trophy.


3. Designed a unique direct mail pack for doctors in which the letter introducing the new awards was on an X-ray film.


4. The official invite, again on an X-ray film.


Client : Modern Medicare
Agency : 141 Sercon

Britannia Anlene : Dispenser With A Backbone

The moment I cracked the concept STRONG BONES SUPPORT LIFE, this idea for a dispenser was playing in my head.

Apart from the fact that its design was most unique for a sachet dispenser, it brought the brand’s promise and therefore efficacy to the fore.

Screen Shot 2014-10-28 at 12.47.03 AM

Client : Britannia
Agency : 141 Worldwide

Ipca Labs : Evolution and design of a global brand identity

After 60 years of partnering healthcare globally, Ipca (INR 3,000 Cr company) wanted to modernize its image in keeping with the changing times. The new identity must be not only be relevant to Ipca’s business in India but in over 110 countries where it operates.

Why : The old brand identity had its roots in the pharmaceutical company’s foundation-setting mission that has seen Ipca partnering healthcare globally since decades. Today with Ipca having expanded geographies, embraced new cultures and set global standards, a more relevant and dynamic expression of this evolved organization is called for.

Genesis : For over 60 years, human life has been the raison d’être for Ipca. The organization’s ethos is firmly intertwined with life’s DNA while R&D and scientific advancements power its pharma engine.

New Symbol : The butterfly represents life at its energetic best. At its heart is a molecular structure endorsing Ipca’s pioneering research work. The butterfly is in flight, matching the soaring aspirations of contemporary Ipca. The light Ipca blue colour is associated with health, healing, tranquility and understanding, in addition to wisdom, trust, loyalty and confidence. Essentially, traits that are second nature to a pharmaceutical organization.

New Font : A modern font, Myriad gives the Ipca logo a smart, avant-garde styling and makes for easy recognition as well. The power colour black lends gravitas that the long established, successful organization aptly deserves.

New Tagline : A DOSE OF LIFE. It’s a concise yet evocative expression that communicates Ipca’s key reason for being in a clear, direct and engaging manner. It defines what the organization strives to achieve every day. As the world’s largest manufacturer of Atenolol, Chloroquine Phosphate, Furosemide and Pyrantel salts, this statement of purpose is reflective of what fires Ipca to discover, develop and deliver new drugs to ensure human life bounces back to its healthiest best.

Screen Shot 2014-10-18 at 12.52.54 PM

Launch : Ipca’s new identity was launched in October 2011 at CPhI, Frankfurt to international acclaim. It signified the coming of age of the company in a decisive and visionary manner.

And the butterfly officially takes flight.

Ipca stall


Specially designed molecular chairs and table synonymous with the logo design.


The old and new logos.

Screen Shot 2014-10-18 at 2.43.10 PM

Client : Ipca Laboratories
Agency : Phenomenon Brand Architects