World Gold Council : Pavilion Milano

Premium pavilion design layout for World Gold Council’s exclusive Italian showing at Milan.

Large standing gondolas dominate an open-on-all-sides wooden enclosure accented with glass. Women models, body-painted in gold and wearing gold coloured dresses, complement the theme. Their measured movements around the enclosure adds a kinetic dimension to the overall glitter.

The pavilion has a perfect balance of display sections and discussion areas.

Screen Shot 2014-10-30 at 6.38.49 PM

Screen Shot 2014-10-30 at 6.40.11 PM

Screen Shot 2014-10-30 at 6.41.28 PM

Client : World Gold Council
Agency : 141 Sercon

Hippos : Creating An Award For Medical Excellence

(This is an idea that didn’t see the light of day, but I like it. So plucked it right out of my Mac and pasted the design layouts here.)

As India’s #1 magazine for the healthcare industry, Modern Medicare wanted to create Medical Excellence Awards to honour the best practitioners in the medical fraternity.

1. First the naming of the awards: HIPPOS. A trendy downsizing of the¬†father of medicine Hippocrates’ name in keeping with the times.

2. Designed the trophy.


3. Designed a unique direct mail pack for doctors in which the letter introducing the new awards was on an X-ray film.


4. The official invite, again on an X-ray film.


Client : Modern Medicare
Agency : 141 Sercon