Original Source (Indonesia) : Valentine’s Day

After a decade of rocking the showers in the UK, Original Source launched in Asia last December giving Indonesia an intense shower experience!

Original Source is ‘Packed with Natural Stuff‘ and promises a shower that’s powered by nature. The brand has a cult following of consumers in the UK who believe it to be innovative, natural, intense and having an adventurous attitude.

For it’s first Valentine’s Day in Indonesia this February, this ad was created.

Idea : PACKED WITH LOVE with a sweet visual twist.


Client : PT PZ Cussons (Indonesia)
Agency : The Thinking Machine, Jakarta

IDBI Bank : Education Loans ‘Note’book

In the communication-crowded financial market, loan ads were getting boring and undifferentiated. Especially education loan ads, with their usual imagery of parents lovingly looking at their children wearing graduation hats and holding degrees.

IDBI had made getting a loan for higher studies very simple and easy. This simplicity was showcased as a category-defining visual idea.

This ad is often discussed in management colleges and has been featured on several international websites in their best list for many years. 


Client : IDBI Bank
Agency : Bates 141

Nokia : Asia’s #1 Brand

When Nokia finally dislodged Coke as Asia’s #1 brand in 2006, big publicity was in order.

Yes, Asia speaks on Nokia! And connecting Asians and their unique cultures had a hand in making Nokia Asia’s #1 brand. My 3-ad print campaign was made in India for an Asia-Pacific drum roll.

Ad 1 : Nokia connecting Japanese and Indians

Ad 2 : Nokia connecting Chinese and Thai

Ad 3 : Nokia connecting Russians and Indonesians


Client : Nokia
Agency : Bates 141