Campaign Brief (Asia) : Indian Embassy In Indonesia Partners With TTM

Another respectable win for a new start-up agency. Kept the Indian Ambassador’s faith in advertising and promotions alive, while keeping Indian arts, craft and cinema resonant with the Indonesians.

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Agency : The Thinking Machine, Jakarta

Contact (UK) : HP Edgeline Printer Launch

The much-talked about activation that launched the HP Edgeline Printer in India was featured in UK’s Contact magazine as one of India’s best DM campaigns that add flavour to the communication mix.

Global 2nd proof copy

Client : Hewlett Packard
Agency : 141 Sercon

Coffee Board of India : Coffee Nirvana

What is life through the lens of Indian coffee? A highly caffeinated bridging of divides. Of urban and rural worlds, young and old peoples, occidental and oriental sensibilities.

I scripted Coffee Nirvana to highlight the width and variety of India’s coffee drinking culture.

Through its light-hearted lens, Coffee Nirvana depicts the evolution of a distinct cafe lifestyle in India, still mindful of its humble beginnings on the street-side. A rich blend of blissful influences.

This film was screened in the US, European and Latin American countries, Japan and Australia at ‘Coffees of India’ pavilions and international meets.

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Client : Coffee Board of India
Agency : Lintas Direct

Coffee Board Of India : Coffee Karma

The Coffee Board of India assigned us the task of international promotions of Indian coffees to get better coffee prices in the world market. Key countries were USA, UK, Germany, Italy, Russia and Japan, all large coffee consuming nations.

At that point, a decade ago, Indian coffees were simply exported in gunny bags with a government stamp. There was neither a brand identity nor packaging nor a unified design template that identified the coffee as having been produced in India. ironically, India has been growing high-quality coffees for almost 400 years and is the seventh largest producer in the world. The coffees grow in 13 geographical regions offering varying profiles in the cup, yet roasters, green bean buyers, grinders, cuppers, mega coffee chains like Starbucks around the world had little knowledge about them.

I scripted this landmark film for Indian coffees for the international markets. Was also an integral part of the film making along with BBP (Bharatbala Productions).

The big idea : COFFEE KARMA – NURTURE THE SEED, SAVOUR THE CUP. In other words, Do good to the seed and the cup will do good to you!

The concept of Karma is truly rooted in Indian soil. Coffee Karma is this divine pattern that percolates through the various facets of Indian coffee growing – when we put love, faith and passion into growing coffees, we get coffees that instill similar feelings in the cup. A journey of promising seed to fulfilling cup through the 7 laws of karma, unraveled the symbiotic relation between nature and man.

This film premiered in Boston in April 2003 and was later showcased at the Cannes festival.

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Client : Coffee Board of India
Agency : Lintas Direct

Tata Motors (Indonesia) : Tata Safari Storme – Play Strong 30″ TVC

To launch Tata Motors in Indonesia, the 39th player in a highly competitive automobile market, it was imperative to find a product differentiator that would resonate with the locals. In a market dominated by Japanese cars that are known to be lightweight and therefore perceived to be ‘less secure’, the ‘strong and sturdy’ attributes of Tata vehicles would help gain good groundspeed.

The big idea : PLAY STRONG.

What is Play Strong?

1. Play Strong is a belief. It is a testament of Tata Motors as a strong company that builds strong cars and creates strong relationships. In today’s competitive world, it is a fact of life that is reflected as an affirmation of purpose from the company.

2. Play strong is an attitude. It has a high desirability quotient from a customer’s point of view. It brings competitiveness to the forefront and challenges life as champions do.

3. Play Strong is centered on the emotional but built on the rational. It answers why Tata Motors builds strong cars and tests them in adverse conditions. Because the lives of people in our cars, matters above all to us.

4. Play Strong is a valuable property. It has the potential to make Tata Motors richer in the consumer mind space, as these two words evocatively substantiate why the company is in the business of making strong cars.

Launch film of Tata Safari Storme ‘Playing Strong’ :

Screen Shot 2014-10-14 at 4.17.37 PM

To view the print work, click here.

Client : PT Tata Motors Indonesia
Agency : The Thinking Machine, Jakarta

HP Edgeline Printer : When prints didn’t come!

To launch a Rs 7 lakh printer, get it noticed and then considered, the idea had to become a catalyst for engagement.

Idea : WHEN PRINTS DIDN’T COME! Born from the fact that when you need prints urgently, more often than not, the printer ditches you. This unfortunate fact was relevant in every industry.

The launch was conceived as a theatrical play ‘A Day In God’s Office’ in which the new HP printer would be the saviour.

The entire B2B communication then worked backwards starting with a handwritten letter and invitation for this play. All communication was handwritten (naturally, as prints didn’t come). A blog had several people narrating various incidents in their professional and personal lives when the printer ditched them.

This very ballsy concept for a printer manufacturer, found tremendous resonance in the target group resulting in a very successful launch in 6 Indian cities. Set out to get 900 prospects, the campaign pulled in 1200 and even succeeded in getting orders at the launch event.

Activation board depicting the pre-launch handwritten communications:

HP activation board

 Activation board depicting the theatrical play ‘A Day In God’s Office’.

HP Play board

This activation was featured in UK’s Contact magazine as one of India’s best DM campaigns that add flavour to the communication mix.

Global 2nd proof copy

Client : HP
Agency : 141 Sercon