Marico Saffola : Keeping Your Heart Young

How do you tackle a serious issue of avoiding heart disease in an interesting, light-hearted manner that also drives the message home?


Evade unhealthy food items falling from the top by shifting the hand holding the heart on the page.


After 30 seconds, the user learns about saving his heart from unhealthy living with the help of Saffola.


Also, ‘Know your Heart’s True Age’ encourages the user to know more about his heart by tapping on the Heart Age finder icon.

Client : InMobi
Agency : Phenomenon Brand Architects

Nirula’s : Streetlamp Skewers

Here’s media innovation at its simplest! A unique ambient idea that got Delhi’s streets drooling!

Why : Nirula’s, one of the earliest fast food chains in New Delhi, revamped their menu introducing new Indian items of which kebabs was expected to be the show stealer. Besides informing customers about this, they also wanted to reiterate the fact that though there was intense competition from McDonalds, KFC and Pizza Hut now, they were still an on-the-go food favourite.


One morning New Delhi woke up to a delicious surprise in the form of a visual treat. 12 ft high streetlamps near Nirula’s outlets had turned into skewers overnight with succulent kebabs on it! They teased, slowed down traffic, made people smile and take photographs and of course had them rushing for the real stuff at the adjacent outlets.

Screen Shot 2014-10-21 at 4.58.15 PM

Result : The kebabs became an instant hit and the most preferred dish at Nirula’s outscoring other dishes by 3:1. Footfalls jumped by 30%.

A skewerful of awards apart, this idea is also taught as a case study in OOH media.

Client : Nirula’s
Agency : 141 Sercon