Deakin University (Australia) : Feel Of Home

Deakin University is one of Australia’s leading universities and offers professionally focussed courses to over 70,000 students in Australia and overseas. Being the first Australian university to set up a research institute in India, Deakin wishes to forge ties with India in a big way.

Every year, there are a fair number of Indian students wanting to study in Australia and from their past record it has been noticed that Deakin University has a large share of them. The campaign had to highlight this fact.

WORLD CLASS EDUCATION WITH A FEEL OF HOME. A call to attract Indian students while ‘comforting’ them about not feeling alienated in a foreign country as they can be assured that fellow Indian seniors would be at the university to help them familiarise and settle quickly.


Client : Deakin University, Australia
Agency : 141 Sercon

Lingo : VoIP makes light of geographies

For a VoIP player Lingo, how does one emphasize that call rates between US and India are now cheap enough?

Emotions bridge geographies and when coupled with sensitive offers, makes for a communication that gets talked about across continents.

(Geography doesn’t hold in between relationships).

Ad 1 : Joke cracked in Kolkata. Laughter in California.

Ad #1

Ad 2 : Lullaby sung in Delhi. Sleep induced in Detroit.

Ad #3

Ad 3 : Teasing in Mumbai. Getting ruffled in Manhattan.

Ad #2

Client : Lingo
Agency : 141 Sercon