Purplle.com : India’s #1 Online Beauty Destination Has A New Identity To Thank

When Purplle.com (online retailer of beauty products) approached us to create their very first advertising campaign, the first thing that I noticed was their logo looked anything but feminine. Yes, males too were a TG but barely 15%.

The important aspect was that the second ‘L’ in Purplle had to be recalled by customers.

The old logo:

Purplle Old Logo

The new logo:

The new identity was instantly appreciated by Purplle’s customers, many even writing in to state their appreciation. In conjunction with the ad campaign, the visibly new Purplle.com rocketed to become India’s #1 online beauty destination outselling Flipcart and Amazon in the beauty segment.

Purplle logo

The story behind the new identity:

The gentle application of makeup, layer by transparent layer. With colours that celebrate a range of emotions – from a rosy blush to a flirtatious pink to a vibrant purple – in a combination that celebrates all things feminine. This diversity in colours is also symbolic of the diversity of women the brand caters to.

The easy flow in the word mark is symbolic of the ‘just perfect’ application of makeup. Of how products work in conjunction to form a cohesive effect that’s pleasing to the eye.

The sans serif font Geisha has a feminine appeal with its curviness while the rising second ‘l’ besides emphasizes the brand’s spelling Purplle, signifies a spring in a woman’s step on feeling beautiful.

The word ‘dotcom’ rendered in black contrasts the womanly imagery of the brand with the physical environment of its existence. It’s placed perpendicular to the logo word mark as an emphatic sign off for an online business.

Client: Purplle.com
Agency: Tempus India

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