Housing.com : Interactive Ads

Housing.com, launched a couple of years ago, is a one-of-its-kind portal in the Indian realty space. A technology company, Housing had created several patented data tools to help prospective buyers make an informed decision.

Also, unlike the stock image-led advertising that most realty companies do, Housing believed in giving their customers a real picture every time… be it location, the building, surroundings etc.

While the scientific selection method works in the background, how do you give customers a mini taste of the tech-enabled Housing experience in static print advertising?

If you are a prospective home buyer looking at realty communication, you would definitely read these long copy ads that have specific QR codes gives you the true picture and continues the ad’s conversation further.

Ad 1 : Data Sciences Lab (get into the house and enjoy a walk-through)


Ad 2 : Demand Flux Map (zoom into the residential neighbourhood) 


Ad 3 : Child Friendly Index (children-oriented heat maps)


Client : Housing.com
Agency : Tempus India

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