Purplle.com : Your Beauty Friend Forever

Though it is India’s #1 online beauty destination, Purplle.com had only done tactical promotional ads, never an image-building brand campaign.


Purplle celebrates feminity and helps every woman enhance her beauty regardless of looks, size, shape, colour or type. When you feel beautiful, you feel confident, comfortable in your own skin and ready to live life fuller. Who but one’s closest friend can assure that, and whenever, wherever she needs help.

Beauty Friend Forever is this ‘2 am’ friend who is always approachable and unfailingly reliable to every woman. Through BFF, Purplle assures every woman that when it comes to beauty, the brand has every product and solution they’d want in its online vanity case.

Also, its similarity to the conventional concept of BFF that every woman has, helps the brand’s tagline get sticky traction.

Ad 1 : Lesbian Wedding

Final Half Page ad-5.jpg

Ad 2 : Lady Priest

Final Half Page ad-3.jpg

Ad 3 : The Third Gender

Final Half Page ad-2.jpg

Ad 4 : Widow

Final Half Page ad-4.jpg

Ad 5 : Karva Chauth Ver. 2

Final Half Page ad-1.jpg

Client : Purplle.com
Agency : Tempus India

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