Maruti S-Cross : Window Cleaning Trolley

From Work to Play.

Most corporate offices are in glass buildings. A glass façade cleaning trolley suspended on cables is a usual site. Why not use this medium to innovatively advertise S-Cross’ ‘Above The Ordinary’ positioning?

A simple vinyl attached to the bottom of the trolley does the job. That means, create a SUSPENDED MOVABLE BILLBOARD with a view-altering image.

When the trolley moves to the floor above to clean the glass façade, the billboard grabs undivided attention for that time span.

Suddenly, the dour outside vista that the prospect customer sees day in and day out is transformed to an off-road urging the person to take a break and get on the road.

The message: Do you have the drive for an exhilarating performance?


Client : Maruti Suzuki
Agency: Laqshya Media Group

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