Shoppers Stop : Data-Collecting Mannequin

Retail thrives on customer data. But how do you get customers to participate in an activity that’s more a chore to them?

In the mid 90s, Blues Bizzare was an exclusive denim outlet of one of India’s pioneering modern retail format players, Shoppers Stop. The store wanted to collect customer data but found that most shoppers were either too busy to fill out a standard-looking form or couldn’t care less about it.

To make this boring (customer’s POV) yet important (Blues Bizzare’s POV) activity interesting and involving, I designed a LIFE-SIZED MANNEQUIN KIOSK that had a theatrical flair about it, even as he holds a large post with the words ‘What you say, is what you get!

The mannequin wears a pair of the latest denims and is in a bent-forward pose. His back is parallel to the ground which serves as a table-top to fill the form. A slot on the top, serves as a drop outlet. From the post, the customer simply pulls out a form that’s designed with graphic symbols that needs to be just ticked, making form filling easy. They then drop the form in the slot. The back pockets of the mannequin’s jeans hold promotional leaflets and other collaterals.

Needless to say, this all-in-one kiosk was designed to attract eyeballs and in the moment of curiosity and admiration that typically followed, to get the job done in fun.

Screen Shot 2014-10-16 at 5.55.28 PM

Client : Shoppers Stop
Agency : Corvo Draft Worldwide

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