HP Edgeline Printer : When prints didn’t come!

To launch a Rs 7 lakh printer, get it noticed and then considered, the idea had to become a catalyst for engagement.

Idea : WHEN PRINTS DIDN’T COME! Born from the fact that when you need prints urgently, more often than not, the printer ditches you. This unfortunate fact was relevant in every industry.

The launch was conceived as a theatrical play ‘A Day In God’s Office’ in which the new HP printer would be the saviour.

The entire B2B communication then worked backwards starting with a handwritten letter and invitation for this play. All communication was handwritten (naturally, as prints didn’t come). A blog had several people narrating various incidents in their professional and personal lives when the printer ditched them.

This very ballsy concept for a printer manufacturer, found tremendous resonance in the target group resulting in a very successful launch in 6 Indian cities. Set out to get 900 prospects, the campaign pulled in 1200 and even succeeded in getting orders at the launch event.

Activation board depicting the pre-launch handwritten communications:

HP activation board

 Activation board depicting the theatrical play ‘A Day In God’s Office’.

HP Play board

This activation was featured in UK’s Contact magazine as one of India’s best DM campaigns that add flavour to the communication mix.

Global 2nd proof copy

Client : HP
Agency : 141 Sercon

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